Beautiful things don’t ask for attention. Pangong lake seems almost shy, hiding amidst treacherous terrain. Flowing carefree like, a virgin princess walking graciously in her orchard with her blue gown floating through the passage. And mountains watching over it like royal guards. Sometimes mildly annoyed with all the excitement around.
Me, who am I? An observer mesmerized by the beauty around me. Its perfect, the sun, the water, the mountains. then why doesn’t it quench my soul. why is it not enough. Every direction I look into, it feels the frame is incomplete without your smile. I can almost feel your head on my shoulder.
Like the lake is looking at me, annoyed. Why is it after all this I miss you. It commands cold winds in my direction, trying to bring me back from my thoughts and focus towards it.
How can I explain, more beauty it spreads around me, more lonely I get. Every passing wave reminds me of your shy face, am almost hard to catch smile, your eyes trying to say something.

Categories: Travelogue


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