When staying in Scotland, a trip to Skye is almost ritualistic. People visit due to various reasons. Some go to see the dreamy vistas, some for a peek into the life in highlands, and some just for the fun of driving on winding mountain roads. I fell somewhere between these categories.
Rocky cliffs with castles atop are sight to behold, telling the story of human perseverance. At the same time nature has a way to make all our efforts look so small and fragile. Relentless ocean waves, sweeping away signs of history, from Cretaceous to present. We are told there are dinosaur footprints on the same rocks we walk today, and one can spot them if tries enough.
A day is too little to cover the whole island, but we did get a glimpse into culture, people are very warm and helpful, with a strong sense of community. Though chances are you’ll find more sheep than people while driving around the isle.
And on the second day it was the turn of Jacobite. Being an avid Harry Potter fan Misbah was particularly excited about this one. All adorned with tee and socks declaring her allegiance to the house of Gryffindor. The journey itself was exciting combined with the much talked about Glenfinnan viaduct turn. However I wish Mallaig tried to put up more fancy impression, considering how many Potterheads arrive there everyday.

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