After being in Glasgow for about a year, a visit to Central Cathedral and Necropolis was long overdue. This was still one place where I always wanted to take Misbah along, but  never could, due to something or the other.
Finally this weekend after being under the weather all night, I lost my senses and dragged her along for a stroll to Glasgow Necropolis in-spite of rains.
Luckily sun god showed mercy on us when we reached there. However we missed the chance to visit the Central Cathedral since we reached after 5 P.M., so that is for the next time.
Necropolis can be called one of the most beautiful places in Glasgow in its own right. Humbling, gloomy and majestic at the same time. Every tombstone tells a tale of an era long gone.
It makes one realize how and where all desires and pursuits end, all that remains is a stone somewhere, telling a story.

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