Just a day after Diwali, the festival of light, happiness and firecrackers, grownups launched the biggest of them all. Prominently marking the prowess of India intellect and endeavor yet again.
For a country which gets frenzied by every ball over the boundary we (behaved rather ) ignorantly for a launch across the planetary system.
As per my observation across various forums, I found following three basic themes being discussed.

  • General Congratulations for the achievement
  • Discussions about the working conditions and pay of the engineers.
  • Questioning if this is the best thing to do for a country marred by corruption, poverty and bad governance in general.

Which I believe it is, what could be a better example showing that if a bunch of people can send a probe to a different planet amidst all these shortcomings, then everything can be achieved by a strong will. no better way to spend $67 millions if it can become a beacon of hope for billions.
    Living in a world buzzing with jargon like millionaires, salary slips and compensation. Where most of the entrepreneurial efforts are also focused towards monetary gains. It indeed becomes a prominent question of what drives these men. Is it the patriotism, is it the desire to achieve a better lifestyle, or an attempt to satisfy the innate scientific curiosity.
    Does a scientist feels the same level of satisfaction after launching an interplanetary device, in comparison to testing a missile. A weapon; however helpful which maybe in the progress of technology, gives nothing back to the country other than a device of destruction, which is best avoided.
        If the lure of few hundreds is good enough to make a person go beyond whats mentally and physically considered possible for most of us? If that’s the case then wealthiest among us should not have a home.
            It has to be something more basic. Something which we can’t actively perceive, but makes us what we are. An endeavor to understand the universe around us. Searching for its limits, and in process, redefining what is considered possible.
    It is a salute to the people who disregard the boundaries of time and society and strive to reach where no one has ever gone before. To create, not for money or fame, but as a respect to the creation all around. As when everything we understand will change. When the world as we know it will no longer be there. That little red planet will still be, and a Mangalyaan, humbly orbiting around it.


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